My name is Indah Jeannie a new volunteer who will manage this site.

I know Malcolm Roberts from someone special in my life with the same name Malcolm . The songs "Love is All" and "Let's begin again" had made me fall in love with all his songs and his beautiful voice. I started collecting his CDs and DVDs and connected with Sheila Welch thru this site.

Sheila Welch was an important person who had been asked by Malcolm Roberts to run his fan club since 1968 was the person who created and ran this tribute site before. However, as Sheila passed away I decided to take over running this site and to respond to any enquiries from all of Malcolm's fans around the world.
I am not a special person who knew Malcolm closely unlike Sheila, however I will try my best to run this site with all the new updates, and let's keep the bonding closely as Malcolm's fans.

I hope you will enjoy and thank you for visiting this site.
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