As promised, finally the new Album of Malcolm Roberts LOST AND FOUND has been released on June 11th 2020. You can enjoy the track here and below are the list inside the album.
Black Widow
This is my City (Mitch Murray)
This Heartache
The Great Mistake
Song of Freedom
Someone in Love
Give a Little Love (Mitch Murray)
Love on a Canvas
My Heart Can't Say Goodbye
I Don't Wanna Know
One Love One Life
So Far Away
Amazon Lo

John Kauffman - a key person in RIGHT RECORDINGS and who worked closely with Malcolm for so many years until his sad death in February 2003 has been in touch with the Tribute Site. He has shared the great news that there will be a new Album soon of unreleased recordings they discovered on old tape. The album is titled "Lost and Found". It will be released in around June. We will update you with the press release and everything related with this new Album's launching.

If your browser doesn't support HTML5 audio. Here is a link to the audio instead.

Recording of Tony Smith's radio programme on the life and music of Malcolm Roberts, broadcast on Angel Radio. Recording kindly provided by Tony Smith, all credits and rights reserved by Tony Smith and Angel Radio.

Listen to the Sheffield Live Radio broadcast about Malcolm Roberts, courtesy of Paul Tansley.







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